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Build links you would want even if Google didn't exist.

It's a known fact, that Google prioritizes websites with high-quality inbound links.

Our approach to link building is both scalable and effective which results in increased ranking, boost referral traffic, and maximize conversions.

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With Google’s updates evolving constantly, and user experience becoming the focal point of all the SEO efforts, it’s no longer about just the number of backlinks pointing to a page to go up the ranking ladder. The quality of a link is not only determined by the authority of the linking root domain but also the relevancy of the content on the linking site to your industry.


This is where we come in place. At Growth Accelerators, we have a team of seasoned experts who research and acquire hand-pick, highly relevant links for you. Our team understands the right balance between the quality and quantity of backlinks. We emphasize contextual link placements using our manual outreach strategy.

Our Approach For Effective Link Building:


Link building is beyond ranking on Google. A holistic and tailor-made strategy can result in branding and qualified traffic, thus, adding to your bottom line. Our SEO experts take into consideration various factors including your industry and competition to create a customized strategy that delivers the desired results.


1. Audit: In-depth competition backlink analysis, content audit, anchor-text analysis, finding unclaimed brand mentions, broken link analysis. We check what’s already working for the competition and our current state. This gives us a complete layout for our strategy to drive results.


    Low hanging fruits: Part of our short-term strategy generating quick results:


    (a) Keywords that are already ranking on the 2nd or 3rd pages of SERP are comparatively easy to rank on the top spots. We build contextual links on relevant sites mapping these keywords and related pages.

    (b) Link Reclamation, for broken links and unclaimed brand mention also helps in building those quality links much sooner.


2. Prospecting & Outreach: Finding the right link-building opportunities, contacting & pitching the website owners requires a prudent approach and forms the most crucial part of our strategy. We have built relationships with webmasters over the years and constantly building more. That being said, we do not believe in one-strategy-fits-all approach, hence our experts shall connect with the webmaster from our own database and further discover more linking opportunities to build the most relevant and effective backlink profile for your business.


3. Tracking & Adapting: We have a strong tracking mechanism in place, to determine exactly which of our efforts are working and which aren’t. In fact, we do keep a check on what’s happening with our competitors and if there is any fluctuation in their rankings lately. We share transparent and detailed reports with our clients and devise a future plan of action based on our learnings.

Result-Driven Link Building Services

Our goal is to create valuable content which provides a great user experience. We create high-quality backlinks, earned naturally by providing white-hat services to our clients that fetch visible results.

Guest post outreach

We research high-authority websites in your industry and reach out to them manually to place our blog posts on them. We create content that caters to the needs of the audience and places the links naturally. Our team also keeps a check on the anchor text ratio.

Content promotion

We craft unique, high-quality content in the form of industry studies, podcasts, infographics, informative videos, Q&A content, etc, which is worthy of being shared.

Broken link building

Broken links refer to the pages that no longer exist. Through our off-page tools, we find out these links and contact the website owner to replace these links with the working ones. The catch here is to offer content that is a suitable replacement which we excel on.

Citation link building

It’s an important aspect of ranking high on local searches. Our SEO experts shall create your listing on niche directories and the most reputed ones. We don’t create listings in bulk rather it’s a part of our well-thought-of strategy to seek high-quality citations.

Link Building KPIs And Reporting

Simply counting the number of links is not how we measure our link-building success. Rather, we monitor certain data-driven and qualitative KPI’s that help in measuring and reporting the performance of our link-building efforts. Some key performance indicators we follow are:

Our monthly reports mention all the essential metrics giving insights on those targeted keywords ranking, website traffic, and conversion growth. The reports are backed up by strategic recommendations for our future course of action to attain the desired results.

link building

Frequently Asked Link Building Questions

Link building is a process to get other websites to link to your site and when a professional offers the services to generate new links to your website it is known as a link building service. At Growth Accelerators, our services range from manual outreach to content promotion, to citations. We offer full-fledged link-building services supported by a bespoke strategy that accelerates search engine rankings and website traffic.
Links are one of the most crucial components of Google’s ranking algorithm. Getting backlink from a relevant and authoritative site for high-quality content acts as a vote of trust for your site and tells the search engine about your site’s credibility. Further, this helps in getting a higher ranking on the search engine result page (SERP).
White-hat links are the ones generated with the techniques that adhere to Google’s guidelines. White hat link building is essentially referred to as generating links naturally, in an organic manner. Our SEO experts do not indulge in shady techniques to get those quick gains, which may lead to penalties in the longer run.
Manual outreach is a link-building technique, wherein we find out the relevant website to your niche, contact them to post well-drafted, unique content, and generate an inbound link. This approach often results in high-quality, earned links. It is a manual process and does not involve automatic processes.
Google gives immense weightage to the source of the link and hence quality always wins over the number of links. However, we at Growth Accelerators, keep an optimal balance between the two, never compromising on the quality of content and the root link.
Link equity, commonly known as link juice is the value that passes to your website from the link source site when you get an inbound link from them. This value may differ depending on the domain authority of the source website. This is why it is important we receive links from high authority, relevant sites to get a larger value of link juice. This shall result in increasing DA of your site and improve search engine rankings.

Internal links: Guide users through your website pages, directing them to other similar and relevant information that they might be interested in. This is also a great way to pass link juice from one website page to another page of your website.


Outbound links: Take users away from your site. Generally used, when we want to direct our user to another knowledgeable source that could be useful for them.


Inbound links: The most crucial ones. These are the links you get from other sites, which leads their audience to your site considering you as a useful and informative source for the particular user.

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