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Our paid media experts combine search, social, display, and video ads in a unified strategy to drive meaningful results for your business.

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Paid media marketing, commonly known as Pay-per-click(PPC) advertising is a technique to elevate your business growth by reaching out to potential customers exactly when they are searching for your product/service.


PPC if executed correctly can boost your qualified traffic and leads. That said, generating qualified traffic is not limited to just setting up campaigns and creating ad copies. It goes much deeper and involves thorough research, testing, optimization, and scaling of campaigns.


At Growth Accelerators, our team specializes in hand-crafting each campaign understanding your sales funnel, target audience, and business goals. We deliver tailored and enticing messages to your target audience at each stage with the end goal of nurturing that bottom line.

How we design a cohesive paid media strategy:


Competing online is more challenging than ever. With a multitude of marketing platforms available, we understand the importance of the right paid media marketing mix. Our goal is to deliver the right message at the right time to your target audience and provide a seamless experience throughout the buyer’s journey to accelerate customer acquisition.


Glance through our approach to a well-integrated strategy:

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Our Google Ads Services

Google ads( formerly Google AdWords) allows us to show our ads on top positions for targetted keywords on Google search and Google display network

(Google’s partner website). We offer a full suite of paid ad formats driving relevant traffic to your website and leading to desirable results:

Text ads

Rank above organic results on Google search page with text ads. We structure your campaign with relevant keywords, engaging ad copies, and a customized landing page. Our team is well informed about the latest bidding strategies and Google ad features, which helps us in reducing the cost per acquisition and improver the conversion rate.

Remarketing ads

Target people who have previously interacted with your website or landing page with re-marketing ads. We specialize in creating a re-marketing strategy fine-tuned with a creative message, that will reignite the interest of these prospects and motivate them to call, visit, or make a purchase.

Shopping ads

Show-up your product price, image, and merchant name above Google organic results through Shopping ads. Our services encompass industry audit, setting up product feed, ad creation, bidding, and reporting. We regularly optimize the product attributes and bidding strategies to improve the CTR and cost per sales.

Display ads

Appear across a host of sites that are a part of Google’s display network and show ads in the form of text, image, video, and rich media. Our team excels in creating intriguing creatives paired with highly relevant placements. Quality display campaigns can lead to much better results than just getting those impressions.

Paid Social Media Advertising:

Social media caters to a wide audience of varied demography and interests. So, whether you are selling B2C, B2B, or e-commerce, social media advertising executed strategically can accelerate your brand visibility, engagement, and conversions.

Our social media experts are proficient at crafting and executing ad campaigns that encourage your target audience to take the desired action. We offer social media advertising solutions across all the major platforms including:

Take a look at how we ensure to achieve your social media advertising goals:

Research & strategy: We provide social channel audits, determine the platforms that should be included, and the content assets required to maximize performance.


Lead journey optimization: Identify your buyer journey, specify goals & activity at each layer of the funnel, customized messaging at each stage making the path to purchase simple.


Targeting & Testing: Our team segment your audience by interest, age, behavior, and geography. Remarket to site visitors, reach a new yet similar audience by a look alike. Regular testing on creatives, placements, and segmentation.


Reporting: We measure, track and analyze results. Provide you with in-depth reporting to access the success of our campaigns and implement the learning to improve your ROI.

Frequently Asked Paid Media Questions

Paid media/ PPC advertising refers to advertisements that businesses pay for to drive direct traffic to their website. The PPC ads are served to a highly- targeted audience based on keywords, location, behavior, and other specifications and the companies pay when a user clicks on their ad. Two main types of PPC advertising are:


Search ads: Search engines like Google and Bing serves as an advertising platform, allowing businesses to place ads in front of their target audience when specific keywords are being searched.


Display ads: These ads can be served through Google display networks and social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. These can be targeted based on demographics and interests.

We do Google search, Display, Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube ads for our clients
Understanding the client’s business and desired goals is our starting point. Further followed by competition analysis, gathering industry insights, keyword analysis, relevant ad copies, landing page creation, and continuous optimization of campaigns. Running A/B tests and implement the learnings from historical data would be key to a successful PPC campaign. Our data-driven and holistic planning approach make us one of the best PPC advertising agencies.
SEO and PPC are both parts of Search Engine Marketing. If done strategically both SEO and PPC complement each other and drive great returns on investments. Results through SEO take time and Paid ads show up on an immediate basis for relevant keywords. So, if you are willing to capture all those relevant impressions, it is inevitable to do paid ads along with SEO.
PPC ads offer one of the fastest ways to generate traffic and leads. We can set up your campaigns instantly and start capturing relevant eyeballs to drive optimal results. Once we have captured enough data, we can accordingly optimize and expand the campaigns to improve ROI and increase the conversion rate.
The most wonderful aspect about PPC advertising is, you don’t have a set budget here. We do suggest optimal budget spends to our clients, basis the industry standard/requirement and the client’s desired goals. Nevertheless, we work within your advertising spends to deliver the most optimum results possible. Our campaign management charges will be calculated at a percentage of your advertising spends with a minimal retainer fee monthly. Kindly contact us now for a detailed discussion!

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