Search Generative Experience: The Future of SEO Is Now (And It’s AI-Powered)

The search landscape is evolving, and Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) stands at the forefront of this exciting transformation. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI), SGE aims to revolutionize how we search for information, moving beyond keyword-driven results and towards a more natural, conversational approach. 

SGE, with its deep understanding of context and intent, can navigate this ocean of data and deliver exactly what you’re looking for. But, the question that baffles many business owners and digital marketing enthusiasts alike is what SGE holds in the future for SEO?

In this article, we’ll understand the basics of SGE and how SEO enthusiasts can prepare themselves for the changing trend.

What is SGE?

Imagine a search engine that doesn’t just throw links at you, but instead delivers concise, informative overviews tailored to your specific query. That’s the essence of Search Generative Experience (SGE). 

Powered by generative AI, SGE is an experimental feature that aims to understand the users’ search intent and deliver answers in natural language, like a helpful friend. Instead of sifting through countless websites, you get a curated summary, often enriched with images and links for further exploration.

For instance, if you type “how to reach my first 5k followers on YouTube,” SGE generates a helpful overview with relevant pointers. 

how to reach my first 5k followers on YouTube - Growth Accelerators

AI-driven Search Experience vs. Traditional Search

The traditional search engines relied heavily on keyword matching. You type in a few words, and the engine throws back a list of websites that contain those keywords.

However, AI has helped search engines to increase relevancy in search results. Generative AI, such as SGE (Search Generative Experience), employing Natural-Language Programming, enables Google Search to comprehend the context and intent behind your search.

This allows it to:

Go Beyond Keywords

How to See SGE in Action?

SGE is currently in an experimental phase, to see if you have access to SGE and see its results on Google search, follow these steps:

  • Click on Get Started (On the Top right corner of the page)
Search generative experience - Growth Accelerators
  • Further, click on Sign in to continue and enter your Gmail ID and password
Try New Experience in Search Labs
  • The following result would appear. Click on the button beside “When turned on, SGE may appear when you search”
When turned on, SGE may appear when you search
  • The button would appear blue. Click on “Try an example”
SGE, Generative AI in Search
  • Generative AI (SGE) should now show results for you on Google search
How to improve car milage

Want your website to be SGE ready ?

Possible Challenges Posed by SGE to Google’s 1st Page Organic Listings

Securing top positions on Google is no easy feat. We consistently try to stand out from the competition and ensure that our website appears in the top results when people search for keywords related to our business. This is crucial because being at the forefront of Google not only boosts our credibility but also attracts a significant number of visitors who could potentially become customers.

Thus, Generative AI results getting the top spot on Google search has led to a lot of apprehensions, with the two most widely discussed challenges being::

  • Impact on Organic Traffic: Some studies suggest that SGE could lead to a decrease in organic traffic directed to websites, as users might find all the information they need within the generated summaries.


  • Reduced Click-Through Rates: If users are satisfied with the summaries, visuals, and suggestions provided by SGE, they might be less likely to click through to individual websites, potentially impacting website traffic and ad revenue.


But, wait, it doesn’t imply that the organic results appearing on the first page would become irrelevant as users may still seek for more information and scroll down to see other results.

Moreover, as with any AI-powered system, concerns exist regarding the transparency and accuracy of the information generated by SGE.

How to do SEO for SGE or AI Generative results?

Optimizing for SGE results is still a developing area, as the feature is still in its experimental phase. At Growth Accelerators, we have been reviewing the AI Generative results very closely and today’ I’ll share the key SEO activities we undertook to influence our client’s AI generative (SGE) results.

Client: LilacBuds

Industry: EdTech

Target keyword: Best MiM Consultants

Result Achieved: Mentioned and Recommended in Generative AI (SGE) Results!

Best MiM Consultants - LilacBuds

Client: AKW Consultants

Industry: Audit and Tax

Target keyword: Best AML Consultants in Dubai

Result Achieved: #1 result in Generative AI (SGE) Results!

Best AML Consultants in Dubai - AKW

Based on our current understanding and insights of SGE, here are some of the Generative AI SEO strategies that we considered:

1. Technical SEO

We recognize that with Generative AI results, Technical SEO has gained even greater significance. Therefore, our focus has been on the technical aspects of SEO, ensuring that the websites’ Core Web Vitals are successfully met.

2. Crafting Valuable and Unique Content

As SGE prioritizes understanding user intent. We created comprehensive and informative content that addresses user intent and context effectively. Also, using Long-tail keywords that accurately reflect specific needs and inquiries.

3. Mentions on High DA sites

With Generative AI in place, mentions on high Domain Authority (DA) websites hold greater significance than basic backlink creation. We conducted thorough research to identify niche high DA platforms and ensure brand mentions on them.

Advanced SEO Has Become More Crucial Than Ever

Dear Readers, let’s dispel the myth together—” SEO is far from dead”. Remember, human nature is to search, and as long as search exists, there will be a need for optimization across platforms be it Google or Amazon.

Moreover, with the advent of Generative AI or SGE results, the need for advanced-level SEO becomes even more indispensable. Those possessing a strategic approach, analytical mind, and advanced SEO knowledge will be able to comprehend the evolution of search engines and deliver tangible results

The arrival of Search Generative Experience (SGE) marks a new era in search. While it presents challenges, it also opens up exciting possibilities for users, business owners, and SEO professionals.

By embracing this shift and adapting new strategies, we at Growth Accelerators ensure that our client’s business continues to reach their target audience in this evolving landscape.

Move to the next level of SEO

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